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Books authored by Ps Jeannie Mok

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  • The Technicolour Faith

The Technicolor Faith - small150 Australia is now the most multicultural nation in the world. God has brought the nations into our backyards – the mission field is at our doorstep. The body of Christ must respond to this demographic reality and position itself to embrace the divine purpose and plan that God has for this nation. We cannot be content with just adding an international flavour to our church life; we need to know how to welcome diverse peoples from various cultures into our churches, and to truly celebrate their diversity of gifts and leadership. This book discusses the key issues relating to multiculturalism in the church and provides practical strategies in building a dynamic church that is truly inclusive. This volume explores the dimensions of the technicolour faith that Christianity is today and suggests ways of creating a ‘taste’ of heaven on earth…

“There before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands” (Rev 7:9)

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‘For 2000 years the Church has been praying the Lord’s prayer, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  God has been answering this prayer in many ways. The Church on earth is becoming more like the worshippers in heaven, ‘from every tribe, tongue and nation.’ (Rev. 5:9)  if you have a desire to see your Church look more like heaven, I can think of no better book to help you grow a healthy and multicultural church.’            

Dr Che Ahn (HIM President & Senior Pastor of Harvest Rock Church, Pasedena, USA)


  •  The Cherbourg Dorm Girls

Cherbourg Dorm Girls - small 150 ‘Cherbourg Dorm Girls’, features vignettes of 12 Aboriginal women who grew up in the dormitories of the Cherbourg Mission near Murgon. Under the draconian Aboriginal Preservation and Protection Act, every indigenous person was made a ward of the state, totally controlled by the Government. These ‘dorm girls’ who are now all in their late fifties and sixties, have emotional stories to tell of how they survived dreadful periods of pain and deprivation.

This book is a testament to the courage of Aboriginal women, and their indomitable will to survive, when caught up in a shameful period of Australia’s history. It is a poignant record of the gross indignities faced by some of the most vulnerable in our society, which should be made accessible to mainstream Australia. Not only will the retelling of their painful stories stand as a record for posterity but provide, in part, an explanation for the hardships currently experienced by many Aboriginal individuals. This book is an act of empowerment for the women concerned and, hopefully, out of their narratives, will arise greater understanding and appreciation of the trials that Aboriginal women especially have had to face, a struggle which continues today.

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  • Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland – A 30 Year History

EECQ small 150x For 30 years this peak body has championed the need for and benefits of multiculturalism, believing that ethnic and cultural diversity contribute greatly to the prosperity of Australia.

The organisation has survived tough times – reliance on scarce public funding, for one; responding to direct attacks on multiculturalism, for another, such as during the turbulent but short-lived heyday of the One Nation party.

But adversity has been its strength, as this story shows. A swag of advocacy and policy achievements, not to mention the establishment of two practical examples of best practice service delivery in a multicultural community – the respected statewide home and community care organisation, Diversicare; and the 60-bed aged care facility Berlasco Court Caring Centre.
ECCQ has consistently stuck to its founding manifesto: “The abiding strength of a peak organization like ECCQ comes from its capacity to share information between the government and non-government sectors and to monitor and influence policy at all phases of development and evaluation; and to ensure that the state’s ethnic communities remain highly represented and focused.”
As one of the founders, and now Honorary President, Nick Xynias says: “Multiculturalism is not just about people. It’s about the issues, issues which are not tangible. It is the policies that bring people together. We need to ensure that there will always be equal services available for all people and that there will never be second class citizens, never be discrimination of any form. There must be equal representation on all government boards. ECCQ, as the State peak body, should be represented in all sectors of government activity. Multiculturalism without participation is an empty shell.”

This book charts the incredible story of one organisation which has played a powerful role in positively shaping the society we live in.

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  •  Multicultural Trail-Blazers

Book MC trailblazers - small150Historically, nearly all migrants arriving in a new country face any disadvantages in relation to re-settlement issues and new employement opportunities. many are marginalized and need friendship, practical help and encouragement. Contrary to the belief that migrants usually wait for ‘hand-outs’ and are quite helpless when it comes to integration into mainstream soceity, these, almost always turn to their communites for help and support. Key men in their respective communites, have invariably risen to the occasion and ‘trail-blazed’ to provide the necessary leadership to spearhead and implement these ‘aid’ initiatives.

Furthermore, in Queensland, there is no single document or comprehensive record of these men from the multicultural scene, nor of their pioneering efforts to ‘give back’ to soceity what some of them received themselves when they first arrived down under. Most of these stories touch on the sacrifice experienced by these men as they sought to alleviate other people’s hardships, even as they endeavoured to carve new lives for themselves and their families.  ‘Multicultural Trail-blazers not only offers a visible and lasting token of appreciation of their valuable contributions, but provides a historical record of events, issues and concerns experienced by migrant settlers.

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  • The New Wave (Sold out)

New Wave - small150