Morning guys, just an encouragement and testimony of power prayer.

Last night caught up finally with Christian Lealiifano ACT Brumbies and Wallabies player who got healed of Cancer. 2 and half hours he explained the miracle and healing power of Jesus Christ. He said he felt the presences of God and His Spirit all through his battle. Even the day Dr said there is no more hope to try enjoy his last days God said don’t give up!!! He said every messaged I sent helped him through every challenge. And felt the prayers he couldn’t explain how but was like power that kept him believing. Most powerful thing was the blood transplant was his sisters blood. Her name is Salvation incredible so last night I said it was the saving Blood of Jesus through his sister saved him just as Christ saved us all through His blood on the cross. And his name is Christian I said its prophetic just like his sister God called him to serve Christ forever to be the light to the World to be the encouragement for those in need to be that Christ example.

It was awesome we cried we prayed we praised God. Thank u all!!! So much for your prayers especially Ps Penny and incredible bible verses. And he was going to play his first super rugby game today but he injured his hamstring very small so next week he’ll play. Incredible God’s miraculous power from almost dying to complete healing. His story has touched thousands around the world he often gets messages from around the world people inspired by his short.

Much love all T

Link to the video testimony from Christian Lealiifano: 

Testimony from Tevita // Area of praise: Prayer & Healing