A friend of mine who is in the animation field has been unemployed for a while in QLD. After prompting from fellow animators he moved to NSW where he managed to work here and there on animation gigs. He would go months without working until he met a Doctor at his local church that needed some medical animation done, after that project was finished he had many other doctors in different fields approaching him to do more medical animation. But when those projects were done he had no work for months but he kept believing the right opportunity will come.

He asked myself and my husband to pray for him as he needed a more stable opportunity and jobs that would fit his skill set. Instead my husband and I prayed for an abundance of jobs enough for him to either be able to reject jobs so he can refer them to his other animators that he knows. Just like the Bible story in 2 Kings chapter 4 the story about how Elisha Helps a Poor Widow and the Miracle of the overflowing oil.

A few days ago we got back in contact and he gave me the update that he has now had so much work going on for him that he has had to start rejecting projects but has been able to refer jobs to his animator colleagues. He has had a few projects be put on hold specifically because of his skill set.

He also found out that he is 1 of 3 people in Australia that specialises in a particular animation style. As of next year he will be working with one of the biggest animation corporations in the world. Which has essentially been his dream since he was a child.


Testimony from Julie // Area of praise: Job/ financial breakthrough