Lifetracks 1 – LIVING A NEW LIFE

Track 1 is for new Christians and is focused on establishing faith by laying solid theological foundations in a user friendly format

 Topics covered:

  1.  New Relationship – All about God
  2.  New Start – Water Baptism
  3.  New Power – Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  4.  New Deal – Stewardship
  5.  New Family – All about Church
  6.  New Experiences – A Lifestyle of Worship
  7.  New Habit I – Developing a dynamic Prayer Life
  8.  New Habit II – Studying the Word of God

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Lifetrack Two is designed to focus on a person’s inner world with a view of bringing about a greater awareness of (and solutions to) personal and spiritual issues that may negatively affect their growth as a person and in the Lord; their relationship with other people; their witness for God and ultimately their ability to lead effectively.

Lifetrack Two will be incomplete without Encounter Camp Weekend as this follow through with the teachings in Track 2. Here participants have the opportunity to receive healing, instruction in God’s Word, and learn to minister to and be ministered to in a safe and relaxed retreat setting. It is also a great time to fellowship and enjoy God’s wonderful presence as a worshipper.

Topics Covered:

  1. Godly Attitudes and Emotions
  2. Character Development
  3. Confident & Godly Decision Making
  4. Overcoming the Devil
  5. Releasing Hurts & forgiving others
  6. Conflict Management
  7. Communicate to Connect
  8. Walking in Faith


On completing LIFETRACK TWO the participant will have:

  • Developed and continue to develop Godly attitudes and behaviour
  • Developed wise decision making processes according to God’s will
  • Developed godly ways to manage conflicts
  • Resolved past hurts through the process of forgiveness
  • Biblical strategies to overcome the Devil
  • Attended Encounter Camp

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LIFETRACKS 3 – Vision, Values and Mission of ICC

 Every Church has a unique personality in much the same way as every person. Human personality is given by God and is also shaped by our upbringing and the environment. It is that part of us that is noticeable to others, and which either attract or repel other people.  Church culture or personality evolved through time shaped by the vision of those in leadership and what they value. It is the part of the church that you notice most and to which you are either drawn or repelled.

Topics covered:

  1. Vision & Mission – “Getting to know ICC”
  2. Values, Culture & Strategies – “Our Statement of Faith”
  3. Multiculturalism I –   “Building a Multicultural Church”  – (Us & Them/ Cross Cultural Contact/ How adaptive are you?)
  4. Multiculturalism II    “Effective Cross-cultural Communication – Culture Grams & Culture Mapping
  5.  Soul Winning I  – “The art of Soul Winning”
  6. Soul Winning II – “ Understanding the Non-Believer” – “Youth Culture”
  7.  The Cell Church  – Partnership with God


We want to empower our cell members to rise up as leaders in God’s house. Lifetracks 4 is an introductory leadership course especially designed to train up cell pastors.

Topics Covered:

  1.  Understanding Leadership
  2. Cell Agenda
  3.  Life Cycle of a cell group
  4. Ministering to Others
  5. Multiplying Your Cell through Evangelism
  6.  Leading a Dynamic Discussion
  7. Mentoring
  8. Principles in Ministry