Working together to cover all aspects of our congregation’s various needs, the passionate, dedicated Pastoral team is always on hand to extend God’s love and grace to any church member who needs it. We strongly encourage every member to be part of a connect group – because the bulk of our pastoral care happens within our cell groups.

We’re here to take care of our people at their point of need, which can range from fulfilling a new believer’s desire to get water baptised to providing support to a bereaved and grieving family. Our mission is to be an expression of our Saviour’s great love, and to set the stage for the full manifestation of His finished work in each and every one of these precious lives!

We provide the following services:

ICC offers a Pre-marital counselling course to help prepare couples for their life long commitment in marriage.  As part of this course you will receive advice in the areas of communication, marriage expectations, managing conflict as well as how to prepare for the wedding day, including wedding day preparations & pastoral advice.  We have four pastors who are registered marriage celebrants and you can arrange to make an appointment to speak to one of them by contacting the ICC office or 3257 1868.

Post-Natal Support
Our post-natal support mums are here to provide listening ears and prayer support to new mothers, share their post-natal experiences and provide appropriate advice as and when it’s needed.  Practical support is also offered through our connect groups.

New Believers
Our team of disciplers provide guidance and support to precious new believers in the first three months of their journey, ministering the love of Jesus into their lives and helping them integrate into the church.  We encourage all new believers to attend the Make Disciples connect study.

Funeral Support — Worship
Our pastoral team are experienced in helping families in this very difficult time of grieving and loss. We can help organise funerals and refer you to professional funeral directors who help to arrange all the funeral service. We do our best to help organise funeral & memorial services, including providing musicians, the order of service, organising flowers & wakes.

International Student care: We have leaders who have experienced overseas student life and can help new students who are trying to settle into student life in Australia.

Refugee support services:  We offer life skills training and job search assistance for refugees through the courses offered at Multicultural Community Centre.

Pastoral Counselling services:  Although we have pastors who can offer pastoral, spiritual advice and prayer, we can also recommend people to professional counselling services in the areas of relationship counselling, dealing with addictions and or mental health.

If you would like more information on any of these services, we would love to be of help – please contact: Ps Olivia Teoh at