Session Two—Sharing Your Life Story


All of us enjoy watching the before and after of a makeover whether on a show such as the “The Biggest Loser” or a beauty makeover show. We are fascinated at the radical change that happens to a person.

Our testimony is our “before-and-after” story of knowing Jesus Christ. By sharing our story to a seeker, we inspire that person to stay on the journey to get to know the amazing Saviour. By sharing our story to a believer, we inspire that person to encounter the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


  1. Before Christ

What kind of belief, attitude or sin characterised your old life? What were the consequences?

  • Think of a few objectives that describe your old life
  • Be discreet and don’t bring glory to your old life


  1. Meeting Christ

What truths and circumstances brought you to the point of making Jesus your Lord? How did you respond?

  • Carefully explained how you came to the point of submitting your life to Christ
  • Be specific and paint the picture of how you responded and what repentance looks like


  1. In Christ

How did God’s love and leadership change your life, and how it is continually changing your life?

  • Joyfully describe your life since Jesus became Lord.
  • Give practical and specific examples of ongoing benefits of following Christ (i.e. forgiveness, new life purpose, victory, etc.).
  • Take more time to explain how your life has changed since you surrendered to Christ.


A few things to be aware of:

  • Don’t be too long-winded

Pay attention to the other person’s body language while you tell your story. Are their eyes darting? Are they slowly crossing their arms and inhaling slowly as you drone on?

  • Don’t be too fuzzy

Some testimonies have multiple plot lines with numerous main characters, etc. The key is to keep your stories simple—containing one plot line that appropriately conveys the heartbeat of your faith journey.

  • Don’t use superior language

Don’t use high sounding terminologies, pious remarks or haughty assumptions.