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Connect Study – Mystery of the Sound of Revival

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Connect Study – Return to faithfulness

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Connect Study – Return to the Father’s love

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Connect Study – The Need for Revival

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Connect Study – Return to Eden

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7 signs you should not marry him

  1. He always sees himself as a VICTIM when things don’t go his way

We all face adversity . You need a man who sees himself as an overcomer. When he gets knocked down , he brushes himself off and gets back up. He doesn’t get bitter. He doesn’t make excuses . He keeps going and the struggles make him even stronger . If your man  always whines when things don’t go his way he’s not headed anywhere in life you want to go.

2. He checks out other women or sees no problem with look at porn.

if your boyfriend or fiancee whips his head around at every woman wearing tight yoga pants or if he thinks porn is no big deal, dump him If he doesn’t respect you enough to keep his eyes on you, then he won’t keep his heart with you either. He’s showing you a deep flaw in his character, and don’t marry him thinking you can change it or he’ll outgrow it.

3. He avoids responsibility instead of seeking it out

If he’s still living in his mum’s  basement with no desires to move out or if he ‘s more excited about playing video games than he is about building a career, you need to walk away. SOmetimes they may be “in-between’ jobs and keep holding out for the ‘right’ job to open up – beware of this. RESPONSIBILITY is a prerequisite to manhood, and if he doesn’t want it, then he’s forfeiting the right to become a husband and father someday. Get away FAST.

4. He is DISRESPECTFUL to his elders

a man who doesn’t know how to GIVE respect will never be someone worthy of getting respect. IF he’s always badmouthing his boss or his parents or teachers or others in his life, he’s showing you alot more about their character. He is not an honourable man and you should never marry a dishonourable or disrespectful man.

5. He is frequently angry and doesn’t control his temper 

If he is a ‘hot head’ he’s going to get himself  into trouble and eventually get you into trouble too. If he’s quick to get angry, it’s not a sign of passionate conviction; it’s a sign of immaturity and recklessness.

6. He is LAZY and avoids work instead of taking pride in a job well done. 

If he doesn’t work hard or have any desire to work hard, RUN! He should desire to be a provider, not a freeloader.

7. He doesn’t value your dreams 

If his future is only about the things HE wants to do, he’s showing you that there’s really no place for you in it. If he wants you around as a trophy, a sidekick or a secretary for his endeavours, then you should run. You need a man who will value you as a partner and not look at you as a doormat.

7 signs you should not marry her

1. She flirts with guys (other than you) to get attention or favors.

Flirtation can seem harmless and fun, but if you’re in a committed relationship with a woman and she continues to flirt with other guys, it’s a huge warning sign. It’s revealing a flaw in her character, and you need to take notice. Talk about it and express your concerns. If she’s receptive, that’s a positive sign. If she defiantly takes your concerns as you trying to be controlling, then it’s probably time to break up.


2. She dresses provocatively and/or uses her sexuality to get attention from men.

This is an extension of the first item on the list about flirting, but this takes it to a new level. If a woman doesn’t value modesty, and instead, allows herself to be objectified by men for the purposes of attention, praise or preferential treatment, do NOT marry her. She’s not acting like a potential wife; she’s acting like somebody’s potential mistress.


3. She does not live within her financial means and/or expects other people to finance her preferred lifestyle.

If she’s is always running up credit card debt or always expecting other people to pick up the bill while showing little or no personal responsibility, then you should not marry her. I’m not saying chivalry should be dead and a man shouldn’t pay for a lady when you’re out on dates. I’m talking about a lifestyle and a mindset that is reckless, selfish and materialistic. Financial stress is one of the main causes of divorce and if she has not interest in managing resources responsibly when you’re dating, you’re in a for a world of financial stress after you’re married.


4. She doesn’t support your dreams.

This was one on the guys’ list too. If you are dating or engaged to some who doesn’t support and celebrate your dreams and goals, don’t marry them! They’re showing a lot of selfishness while also showing a disregard for you. Marry someone who is your biggest encourager; not your biggest critic. Marry someone who will make you dream ever bigger dreams; not someone who undermines your dreams.


5. She tries to isolate you from the people who care about you.

Any dating relationship (and marriage) will have important times of exclusivity where the two of you are together more often than you are with everyone else, BUT if she is always trying to pull you away from your family, friends and loved ones, it’s revealing something dangerous. If she doesn’t value the people who value you, then she’s trying to create a future with you where those loved ones won’t be part of the picture.


6. She loves drama.

If you are with someone who loves “drama” then RUN! Seriously. If she’s always gossiping or venting about something on social media or by being hyper emotional to get her way, she’s not ready for marriage. Don’t try to justify it and don’t assume she will outgrow it. Just break up.


7. She seems much more interested in having a great WEDDING than in having a great MARRIAGE.

It’s fine to dream about a wonderful wedding, BUT if she is obsessed with the idea of a perfect wedding and she seems to be giving little thought to the marriage that will follow, then she’s looking for a one-day experience; NOT a lifetime commitment.