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Greetings and welcome to the Children’s ministry at the International City Church – ICC Kids!  Seeing children love the Lord Jesus is our passion and we believe that the Children’s Ministry is one of the greatest and most rewarding ministry’s to be involved in.  We have a very talented team of teachers who bring individual talents and skills to the ministry.  All children’s leaders & assistants have accredited child safety (blue) cards and many are parents who are also working professionals such as doctors, nurses & counselors in healthcare & government services.

Here at ICC Kids we believe in partnering with you (parents) to disciple and train your children to be tomorrow’s leaders who will influence and impact the kingdom, families and community. We encourage our parent to do family devotions at home.

Each sunday we run THREE seperate exciting programs for the children that cater for children from birth to age 12 – with the aim to teach children to love, obey and serve the Lord Jesus. Due to the growing numbers of children attending our programs, some of our programs are held at Ground and Lower Ground Level (23 Foster St Newmarket QLD 4051). Please contact Alvin or any of our ICC Hosts at the front door who can point you in the right direction.

  •  Little Cherubs (Ages 2 – 4 ) – Our teachers and assistants will provide a safe and loving environment where babies and toddlers will have a positive experience that relates to simple but important truths about God. Parents are welcome to accompany their children and help out with the activities
  •  Noah’s Ark   (Ages 5 – 7) – Children will grow in an atmosphere of fun and creativity. They will begin to express their imagination in skits, stories, and songs while beginning to explore and investigate what Jesus taught.
  •  J-Club  (Grades 3 – 6) The program integrates the most up-to-date and relevant teaching methods and kids Sunday programs that connect and engage children at all learning levels.  There is a strong emphasis on Christian values and having an everyday relationship with Jesus.

For INFANTS we have the following facilities:

  • A nursing mother’s room – where nursing mums can feed their babies in privacy, while still listening to the sermon and with baby change table facilities
  • Overflow room on level 1 and room on the ground floor for young toddlers to play with toys while being supervised by their parents

All rooms are equipped with TVs so parents can watch the sermon.  Parents can also request a radio headset to listen to the sermon while moving around the place as they care for their children.


ICC Kids Pastor: Ps Alvin Joe (


Kids Ministry available 9am – 11am each week.
Little Cherubs (2 – 4 years) – Nursery (for infants 0 – 2)
Little Cherubs is a warm and welcoming place where parents can sit and relax with their babies while still being able to watch and listen to a live feed of the sermon. Because of growing numbers we have started using the upstairs classrooms as well as the downstairs rooms where we provide soft comfy lounges, nappy change table and toys for the babies to play. We run a fun program for the kids using videos, activities, songs and games.  Occasionally, we provide light refreshments to mums and dads who use the rooms and an assistant on hand to help out with any needs.
The nursery is located in the GF overflow area during Service 1 only on Sundays.  Just ask one of our friendly ushers at the door for directions.
Story time is a when we learn about God’s word. Teachers use a children’s picture book bible to read the story. Children participate in this session either by re-enacting the story (often they dress up in as the Bible characters), using puppets or by placing cut-out characters on a felt board. We also use Christian bible DVD’s and cartoons which the kids love to watch.

NOAH’S ARK (Ages 5-7)

Kids Ministry available 9am – 11am each week.
Noah’s Ark (up to 7 years of age)
Our exciting program includes praise & worship time, with modern upbeat style songs We also provide little instruments for little hands to play. The children love this session and are often seen dancing and singing out aloud.

Prayer time is when children get a chance to pray for anything that is on their heart. We believe that the prayer of a child is very powerful and therefore we encourage children to pray throughout the program.

Craft time follows and reinforces the learning from the Bible story. Children get the chance to paint, draw, use play dough, cook and much more.

Noah’s ark is situated on the LG Sunday School area on Sundays during both Service 1 & 2.  Ask an usher at the front door or information desk for further details or contact Alvin Jo at

J-Club (Grades 3-6)

JClub banner 1B 

The program integrates the most up to date and relevant teaching methods that connects and engages children at all learning levels while still ensuring that right Christian values and beliefs are taught. As well as an exciting and interactive program, we also provide Playstation games, Christian computer games (teaching lessons about the Bible), Christian karaoke and other games like twister. Children are especially excited to attend J-Club with these new and exciting activities.
Contact: Alvin Jo
J-Club is available for children 9am – 11am on Sundays on the LG Sunday School area.  Alternatively you can see the friendly ushers at the front door for more information.
Other J-CLub activities and events include:
  • Kids Beach Camp
  • School Holiday Program includes:
    • Gigantic jumping castles
    • Games, cooking & crafts
    • Face painting,
    • Puppet shows,
    • Balloons
    • Music & more