WISH logoW.I.S.H. (Wholeness in Self & Home) is an education and mentoring program based on Christian values that empowers people to maximise the various kinds of relationships in the different stages of life’s journey.

It provides a range of courses and we have W.I.S.H. Conference which is held at DiverCiti Centre that features dynamic guest speakers and a team of experienced facilitators. We have the cutting edge expertise that will help build stronger families in the community especially in the area of cross-cultural relationships & marriages.

W.I.S.H. CONFERENCE will be returning again shortly so watch this space for registration details next year.


All our courses are held at DiverCiti Centre, 23 Foster St, Newmarket, and currently we offer:

For Families:

  • Parenting Children Course (Kids 0-10)
  • Parenting Teenagers Course (Teens 11-19)1V7A0480 (Small)


  • Embark (for singles 18 & above)
  • Discovery (for dating couples)
  • Marriage Preparation Course (for engaged couples)
  • Marriage On Track (for newly married couples under 5 years)
  • The Marriage Course (for couples in a lifelong committed relationship)

For more information please contact us on wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.


Embark is ICC’s ministry for all you need to know and do in “Empowering The Single Life”.

Embark is aimed at helping singles (18 years & above) to live an empowered single life.

For interesting articles and free personality tests please go to: http://Embark.AllOfUs.info

Topics covered:

  • How to become the right person
  • Choosing the right lie partner (including understanding your own personality)
  • Dating etiquette
  • Being Single but whole

Currently the Embark program is facilitated by Dr Kevin & Diana Tam.

For more information please contact wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.


The Journey of discovery begins for you if you are interested in courting or have entered a new relationship.  It is held over 5 sessions.

Topics include:

  • Positive communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding each other’s personality and love language
  • Sexual purity
  • Family of origin and its impact on relationships

Currently the Discovery program is facilitated by Joe & Jiesi Panthradhil.

For expression of interest in this course please contact wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.


Most couples spend up to 250 hours planning their wedding, but very little time, if any, planning for married life.  Are you intending to get married and are either pre or post engagement? Then we recommend this program at least 3– 6 months before your big day!

Set in a romantic atmosphere, over 4 sessions, you’ll be listening to fun and informative talks via the DVD message or real-life stories from our facilitators.  Everything in the course is private and confidential; there’s no need to worry as you’ll never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone else other than your partner & no group work is involved.

Topics covered:

  • The importance of commitment
  • How to recgonise and appreciate your differences
  • The art of communication
  • Resolving conflict
  • The importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • Making each other feel loved
  • Developing a good sexual relationship
  • The importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

Currently the Marriage Preparation Course is facilitated by Jim & Rosaline Chia.

For more information please contact wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.

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Marriage On Track (MOT) is aimed at supporting couples who have been married at least 1 year to continue growing stronger in their relationship.

  • Enrich your marriage by being aware and equipped to deal with issues that may arise in marriage
  • Strongly recommended for couples in their first few years of marriage

Currently Marriage On Track is facilitated by Frankie & Sharon Yong.

For expression of interest in this course please contact Christy at wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.


Regular check-ups help a car run smoothly and reduce the risk of breakdown.  A strong, loving and lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance.  It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive.

This course runs over 7 sessions (which includes an information night and graduation dinner) and aims to empower couples to experience maximum enjoyment and commitment in their relationship.

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Topics covered:

• understand each other’s needs
• communicate more effectively
• grow closer through resolving conflict
• heal the ways you’ve hurt each other
• recognise how your upbringing affects your relationship
• improve relationships with parents and in-laws
• develop greater sexual intimacy
• discover each other’s love languages and much, much more!

There is no group discussion involved.  Everything is private & confidential between you and your partner.

Past participants say “it feels like a date night”.  All participants will be served a candlelit supper including dessert, your choice of coffee or tea and juice at a romantic table for two while listening to practical talks that are informative and fun – given either live or played on DVD.

Currently The Marriage Course is facilitated by Frankie & Sharon Yong.

For expression of interest in this course please contact wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.


The Parenting Teenagers Course is a series of 5 short sessions shared over five Saturdays designed to help parents, step-parents and cares of 11 – 18 year old’s, equip their teens for life by looking at:

  • Keeping the end in mind
  • Meeting our teenagers’ needs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Developing emotional health
  • Helping them make good choices

Currently the Parenting Teenagers Course is facilitated by Matthew & Elizabeth Choong + Vincent & Lisa Ho.  This runs concurrently with our vibrant ABIDE Youth program so you can bring your teens along to join us.

For more information on the session date / times, please contact us on wish@iccbrisbane.org or 07 3257 1868.


The Parenting Children Course is a series of 2-hour sessions over 5 Saturdays designed to help parents, step-parents and cares of 0 – 10 year old’s, and parents -to-be, equip their children for life by looking at:


  • Building Strong Foundations
  • Meeting our children’s needs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Teaching healthy relationships

The series is presented on video by Nicky and Sila Lee on who have been married for over 30 years and have four children.  It also includes filmed clips of parenting experts, and of parents and children sharing their own experiences of parenting or being parented.

Currently the Parenting Children Course is facilitated by Alvin Jo + Kath Goh.

For more information session times please contact us on wish@iccbrisbane.org or 3257 1868.