At ICC we believe in developing people’s Christlike character and their giftings.  We have a group of enthusiastic and passionate ministry team leaders that would love to talk to you to see how you can serve and grow in ICC.   We encourage everyone who serves in ICC to have the fellowship and covering of a Connect Pastors because we are a church that believes in connect group ministry.


We have an exciting Youth Ministry in ICC which brings together youth from their early to late teens.  The Youth Ministry is called ABIDE because they have a desire to abide in God’s presence and grow in Christ and accordingly love to spend time worshipping and praying for each other in God’s presence. Teens can find a sense of belonging and a place to call their own at ICC and will enjoy being part of group of godly youth who support each other and have fun together.

With an emphasis on being a God-seeker and with a vision to win and tell the world about Christ, members of the Youth Ministry are thriving in God’s love and displaying that love to others. The youth are planning to go on short-term mission trips to experience serving others in the local & global community.

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For more information contact Ps Rolando at 3257 1868 or


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CATALYST is our Young Adults Ministry which aims to evangelize, equip and raise a generation of young people who are passionate about the Great Commission, live by the Great Commandment and serve their generation with great excellence.  Many of the young adults belong to Connect Groups which periodically meet together as a large combined group on Friday nights and for other special outreach events.

Club ICC – International Christian Club (formerly known as Club CCA) is a multicultural Christian club at the University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Griffith University (GU) as an outreach arm of the Catalyst Ministry. The Club was established in 1992 (UQ), 1993 (QUT) and 2015 (GU) and has been serving local and international students, by helping them settle into university life in Australia.

Our committee contains a bunch of energetic, friendly and fun loving people from diverse background. Club ICC is best-known for our creative events, so come along for something new, fresh and fun. Our aim is to provide our members with a chance to meet people from all over the world in a relaxed atmosphere. Since its establishment, Club ICC has been promoting genuine friendship through activities such as:

  • Camps & day trips
  • BBQ’s
  • Social sport
  • Social dinners
  • Science & Faith talks
  • Orientation Week stalls
  • Student Alpha Course
  • Bible studies on campus

Keep up to date with us on social media under – clubiccFB-f-Logo__blue_100 Instagram_Icon_Large

For more information on either Catalyst or ClubICC please contact Ps Michael Chong on 32571868 or


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The Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) is made up of a united team of worshippers who seek to harness our creative giftings, using them to exalt the living Christ and to serve His church. While we come from varied walks of life, our love for Jesus and creative expressions of worship through music and technical elements, and the desire to serve Him with our gifts bind us together.

As a team, we seek to integrate manners of praise from all cultures to worship God in the likeness of Heavenly praise according to Revelation 7:9.

Teams in CAM

Worship Band

Our worship band consists of the musicians and singers (worship leaders, backup singers and core singers). We are focused on ushering God’s presence into the church – a house of prayer for all nations. We facilitate multilingual worship and currently write songs in English, Mandarin and Spanish. Above technical excellence in music, we desire musicians and singers that seek to worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Production / Events 

Special services / outreach events that are held are conceptualised and organised through this creative team! This group is involved with brainstorming and conceptualising dramas / musicals / and promotions for events such as Easter and Christmas services, and our annual Synergy Conferences.

Service Directors (SD)

Facilitating the seamless running of services, our SDs are the ones who coordinate and provide oversight on all the elements within a service, ensuring things happen as led by the leaders of the church. Their primary aim is to facilitate an environment where the Holy Spirit is free to move.

Technical Teams

Lighting – Through use of lighting effects and smoke machines, the lighting team seeks to create an atmosphere that enhances the visual aspect of the service.

Sound – Controlling the sound quality of the worship band and the preachers, the sound team serves to optimise the congregation’s listening experience.

Multimedia – The hidden hands behind the screens, our multimedia team project messages, videos and multilingual lyrics cues for the congregation at each service using computer applications.

Audio Video (AV) + Photography – All major services are recorded and streamed live to a world-wide audience. Through the lenses of video cameras and digital SLR cameras, the team seeks to capture the essence of each service.

Abide Band

Being the CAM sector of our youth group, the Abide Band consists of both youth leaders and youths (age 13 – 25) who lead and facilitate worshipping God during our youth services. With a team that includes the technical teams (i.e. lighting. sound, multimedia and AV), the Abide Band are a group of young worshipers who are sold out to God and are passionate about praise.

Upcoming: Drama, Dance, Art and Stage Design

These are the areas that we are seeking to extend into as more diverse ways of communicating God and expressing God’s messages to people creatively. If your passions are in these areas, do let us know!

Joining the Creative Arts Team

Foremost, as a ministry we value our personal relationship with Jesus and our characters as the foundation of our worship and ministry on or off the stage.

If you are an active and committed member of the church and connect group, and have a deep desire to walk in relationship with God on a daily basis, we would love to utilise your talents and abilities through the Creative Arts Ministry before God and the church.


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